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How we help customers in their Signage & Branding

Egan Sign is known for being proactive, professional and dedicated to customer service, taking total responsibility for your program and for every sign job you give us. We develop trusted partnerships, enabling us to gain a deep understanding of your sign needs and manage your program to ensure that you get the best sign for every situation. With Egan Sign, you will experience: Greater productivity. How much more will you get done when you have a trusted partner who manages all of your sign needs? That’s exactly what we do. We free you to focus on other tasks. Predictability. You receive timely and predictable program costs and weekly reports through our proprietary SignManager sign management software. Cost efficiency. We apply our experience and knowledge of sign strategy, design, materials and implementation; our highly efficient project management process and our strong supplier relationships, to keep costs low and within your budget. Confidence. Your signs are your brand. When you partner with Egan Sign, you and your senior management team can be confident that we will deliver great quality, convenience and speed.

Our Guarantee

As your partner, Egan Sign guarantees that you will receive:

  • Expert sign advice and counsel
  • Prompt and professional service
  • Proactive and timely communication about your project
  • Solutions designed exclusively to meet your unique sign needs