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New Dale Carnegie Graduates – Sarah Holland & Vi Phan

February 28, 2023

Sarah Holland Accepting Her Dale Carnegie Certificate

Egan Sign’s Sarah Holland and Vi Phan completed the latest Dale Carnegie Course! This 8-week internationally-recognized program focuses on communication and leadership. Furthermore, the course emphasizes genuine human connection and stress management. In other words, a course that would benefit anyone!

Every week, Sarah and Vi practiced each new principle as they learned them. Sarah began seeing improvements in both her personal and professional life. Most notable were better communication, managing stress levels, and overall confidence in herself. She is thankful to have been given the tools to manage her life more effectively.

Vi, on the other hand, focused on strengthening her communication with the people in her everyday life. Family and friends started noticing the change and began using those same principles. This has helped her build even stronger bonds with her loved ones.

Egan On Education

Egan Sign is dedicated to our employees’ growth whether in their careers or personal life. We offer a program to our team called Personal Development Plan (PDP). Every year, we ask our team to come up with some ideas on how we can help them advance in their career or personal life. From there, we work together to find a course or seminar in that field. Vi Phan is a great example of this. In 2020, she showed an interest in Marketing and attended a 2-day Digital Marketing seminar. Shortly after, we offered her a Marketing position opening up her career path.

Education is not just for our employees, we’re here to educate our clients, too! We are happy to share our knowledge with our clients so they can make informed decisions. If you have any questions about signage, Egan Sign is here to answer any questions. Feel free to email or call (844) 460-6631 for more information.