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Interior Signs

ADA Sign - Library

Interior signs are integral to the success of any public building. They allow visitors to navigate through unfamiliar places confidently. There are 5 main types of interior signs: identification, ADA signs, wayfinding, informational and graphic elements. These types often overlap or are combined creating a very comprehensive and appealing look known as Environmental Branding.

Timeless Stainless Steel Reception SignIDENTIFICATION

This is the most common sign because it identifies a space. It tells you that you have arrived or serves as a good landmark to get your bearings. Typical identification signs include dimensional letters, receptions signs and vinyl graphics. It’s anything that tells you what space you are in.


Maid's Room - ADA Room IDADA SIGNS

Certain identifications signs have to follow the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). These signs are called ADA or tactile signs which feature raised copy and braille. Check out our blog for more information on ADA signage.

ADA signs are offered in two basic ways. First is a single plaque with raised copy and braille. The second is a modular sign where parts of a sign are attached to a base panel. It’s like building LEGOs on the baseplate. This allows companies to update a portion of a sign instead of buying a whole new one every time an employee gets a new office. Moving on up!


WAYFINDINGModular Hospital Directory

Wayfinding signs are exactly what it sounds like. They show you the way using directionals (signs with arrows) and directories. They are often found overhead or at important intersections.

There are 3 main variations. The first is a single panel with vinyl applied to the surface. The second is modular where there are multiple pieces and individual parts can be updated. The last one is digital signs which are becoming much more popular. It’s a great option for directories making updates super easy.


Informational Sign with Insert WindowINFORMATIONAL

These signs provide information to visitors. It can be anything from hours of operations to the rules for the fitness center. Informational signs typically contain more verbiage so keeping them simple is the best way to go.




GRAPHIC ELEMENTSColor Me Mine - Wall Mural

This is where you can get bold with your decor! Graphic elements can include images covering the full scope of your walls or creative vinyl on your conference room’s glass walls. You can easily combine this with wayfinding or identifying elements. There is no limit here!



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