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Faux Neon Signs – The Real Alternative

September 11, 2023 8:30 am

Imagine, it’s 1957 and you’re driving into town. What draws your attention to every single business? The answer: neon signs, and they are everywhere. They look amazing but over the years they start disappearing. Due to the high cost of maintenance and inefficiencies, business owners start looking for alternatives. Today, the perfect neon alternative has come, and it’s called faux neon.

What is faux neon?

Faux neon signs are an LED substitute for traditional neon that is becoming widespread for its versatility and affordability. These signs use flexible LED tubing to emit a vibrant, neon-like illumination that captivates onlookers. The LED modules can be a single color or RGB which offers a broad spectrum of options.

What is traditional neon?

Traditional Neon Lighting

Traditional neon signs are produced by bending glass tubes which are then filled with a variation of gases typically neon and argon. They illuminate when an electric current hit the gas particles creating colored light. The colors vary depending on the gas inside; for example, argon emits a steel blue light while neon glows red.

What are the benefits of faux neon?

Durability – Remember how traditional neon uses glass tubes? The glass tubes may be durable but still very breakable. Faux neon uses flexible silicone or acrylic tubes containing LED modules making them resistant to breaking and damage. This comes in very handy when shipping and installing the signs.

Cost – Faux neon is cost-effective in several ways. First, it consumes significantly less energy compared to traditional neon to operate. In addition, it’s common knowledge that LEDs last longer than incandescent lights. This holds true for faux neon also. They last longer than traditional neon which means less maintenance and replacement parts.

Faux Neon LightingVersatility – Faux neon signs can be easily molded into all kinds of shapes allowing for more intricate designs. This is an excellent choice for creating logos or elegant, scripted text. In addition to being flexible, the LEDs can be dimmed and programmed to change colors.

How do Traditional Neon and Faux Neon compare?

There are pros and cons to both types of signs. Check out the chart below to see how they compare.

It’s no wonder why faux neon has become so popular. It is the real alternative to traditional neon while being more durable and customizable. Contact us if you are interested in adding faux neon to your business or sign package.