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Environmental Branding: Maxing Your Impact

June 1, 2021 11:31 am

Immerse Customers with Your Brand

Imagine your customer walking into your store and feeling your brand. Yes, feel as in sense your brand. Like walking into Harry Potter World, you want your customer to be completely immersed in it upon entering. You can accomplish this by implementing Environmental Branding.

What is Environmental Branding?Make a lasting impression LED lighting

Environmental Branding is creating a strong brand experience that goes beyond having your sign out front. It’s about extending your brand persona into a physical space inside and out.

People often think that Environmental Branding is just colors, words, and pretty pictures. Yes, that’s part of it, however, it needs to also communicate your vision, mission, and values. Both customers and employees will absorb the message innately leaving a lasting impression.

Elements of Environmental Branding

Providing Information to Visitors in a Strong and Engaging WaySignage & Wayfinding
Signage and wayfinding create a visual path through an environment. They are elements that help navigate people through your space. Though utilitarian, it should still align with your brand through color, typography and graphics.

Wall Graphics/VinylMake a bold statement with window vinyl
Think of walls and glass as blank canvases ready to express your brand. Powerful imagery and messaging are typically used to evoke a feeling or message you want to be nurtured within your space.


Digital Displays, Menu, LightingDigital Displays
Digital Displays are a popular option that has become more affordable. They provide a dynamic and interactive way to engage customers while reinforcing your brand. Another bonus is that it’s quick and easy to update content compared to traditional print.

LightingIncrease alertness and productivity with LED lighting
It is well-known that lighting can set a mood but what mood are you looking for? White light is used to increase productivity which is great for offices and warehouses. Warm light can cast a calming effect while dim lighting is often used in upscale restaurants which helps slow down eating. Thankfully, there are LED lighting options for whatever mood you want to create.

Environmental Branding using powerful vinyl imagery on glass and light fixtureIt’s About to Get Real

Let’s take a good hard look at your own business to see if this is something you want or need. Ask yourself:

  • When I walk in, am I “walking into my brand?”
  • Do I look “generic?” How will I stand out against the competition if I look the same?
  • What kind of energy do I feel when I walk in?
  • Can a newcomer tell what my business stands for by how it’s furnished? Painted? The décor or what is displayed on the shelves?
  • How do my employees feel about the space? Is it clean, comfortable and accommodating?
  • Does the environment align with my brand’s mission and values?

The Wrap Up

Environmental Branding is a great way to show your customers and employees your brand and message. It also expresses how committed you are to your brand and values.

If you need help incorporating Environmental Branding into your space, our team is always here to help. From providing suggestions to getting everything installed, we are one call or email away.

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