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Egan Sign’s Latest Dale Carnegie Graduates!

May 24, 2022

Dale Carnegie Graduates - Alex Beilhart, Ginger Houck & Brett Rowe

Congratulations to Alex Beilhart, Ginger Houck, and Brett Rowe for completing the Dale Carnegie Course! This 8-week internationally-recognized program focuses on developing leadership and communication skills. In addition, there is a strong emphasis on flexibility and stress management. Who couldn’t use some of that?

In every class, attendees give a speech on how each lesson was applied in their life. At the end of each class, instructors award exceptional speeches. We’re proud to announce that all three Egan team members took home the Outstanding Performance Awards for their presentations!

 Brett Rowe & Jessica Ruggiero proudly displaying Brett's Dale Carnegie certificateAlex, Ginger, and Brett began applying these new principles in their daily lives since learning them. Brett noticed the lessons improved his overall experience in social situations. He found that making small talk became easier and more enjoyable. Meanwhile, Ginger found that the course provided her with lifelong skills that can be applied in any situation. “I’m really glad that I had the opportunity to take this course” states Ginger.

Egan Sign is dedicated to our employees’ education to help them succeed and advance their careers and life. We continually look for valuable courses and experiences for our team members. Many companies preach the value of employee learning and continuous improvement whereas we practice these beliefs.

Dale Carnegie Graduates

Egan Sign is not only invested in our own employees. We are invested in educating our clients, too! We are happy to share our knowledge with our clients so they can make informed decisions. If you have any questions about signage, Egan Sign is here to answer any questions. Feel free to email or call (844) 460-6631 for more information.