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Egan Sign Strongly Supports Employee Education

June 4, 2019

Egan Sign Supports Education

At Egan Sign, our core values—Excellence, Respect, Hard Work, Communication, Integrity, and Family—shape our culture every single day. Our team genuinely embraces these words, and they influence our every interaction with our clients and our sign management industry peers and partners.

Underpinning all of these concepts is a dedication to training and education for our employees to help them succeed and advance in their careers. It’s true that we could not achieve excellence without a deep commitment to enrichment and skills development, and so we’re always on the lookout for valuable courses and experiences for our team members to take advantage of, like the internationally-recognized Dale Carnegie Course.

Our Most Valuable Assets – Our Employees

Many companies preach the value of employee learning and continuous improvement, but we practice these concepts. For instance, Project Manager Devon Loose and Graphic Designer Andrew Ross (pictured above with Director of Project Management Zach Nagle) recently completed the Dale Carnegie Course, and we couldn’t be prouder of our team for this accomplishment. Additionally, PM Devon brought home a Vision Award, which we were all thrilled about!

Egan Sign Employees

Here at Egan Sign, we honestly believe that a strong, engaged team is our biggest asset and truly differentiates us from our competitors. Our employees are unique. Keeping these professionals inspired and motivated through personal development ensures their continued growth and success.

The Value of the Dale Carnegie Course

If you’ve been in the business world for some time, you’ve likely heard of Dale Carnegie. He was a pioneer in personnel development, helping professionals break down personal fears and other internal barriers that were holding them back from success in their careers.

Today, training courses designed around Carnegie’s teachings are still recognized as the gold standard for those looking to hone their workplace communication and human relations skills. We’ve found that our team takes a lot away from these courses (including awards, as we noted above!), which in turn benefits our entire organization by giving these employees the tools they need to be even better at developing trusted client partnerships.

We love to educate our customers, too!

While we certainly prize our high-performing team, we love to share our knowledge with our valued clients, as well!

Built into our sign management process is our guarantee that, as a client, you’ll receive expert sign advice and counsel from experienced, friendly, and caring professionals who know the ins and outs of sign design and project management. This includes supplying you with learning resources like our newly refreshed blog and our regular emails—you don’t want to miss these publications, we promise!

Want to find out how Egan Sign can help alleviate sign management headaches for your regionally or nationally-recognized brand like we have for so many others? We invite you to get in touch with us today to learn more and begin the conversation about partnering with our fantastic team.