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Egan Sign Brings on New Talent

October 7, 2022

Word has gotten out that Egan Sign is a great sign partner to have. In order to keep up with all the business, Egan Sign brought on an additional Technical Graphic Designer to support its clients. Keep reading to learn more about our new Technical Graphic Designer.

Ryan Schell - Technical Graphic Designer

Ryan Schell, Technical Graphic Designer

Ryan started his sign career in 2006 at a local sign company specializing in custom architectural signage in the vinyl and installation departments.

In 2010, Ryan moved to another architectural signage company. There, he was able to hone his skills in every aspect of producing interior signs. He worked in all variations of printing, engraving, and assembly. Ryan quickly became an integral part of the team and eventually lead his department. He specialized in wide-format printing, color profiles, and developing new techniques for custom signs.

Speaking about his new role as Technical Graphic Designer, “I am privileged to be in a position where my industry knowledge is heard and trusted.”

When Ryan isn’t creating layouts, he enjoys working on his new house and spoiling his fur baby, Lola. He can also be found creating beautiful drawings in Adobe Illustrator and learning new techniques to do just about anything.

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