COVID-19 Update - Egan Sign
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COVID-19 Update

May 27, 2020 7:46 am

To Our Valued Clients

During this very challenging time, Egan Sign would like to take a moment to let you know that our customers, vendors, communities, and employees have our complete focus. We have taken the approach of doing whatever it takes to help our essential clients remain open safely, think outside the box, and use our manufacturing capabilities to create new innovative ideas to help clients safely reopen. We are currently manufacturing and installing custom Virus Guards and Social Distancing Floor Graphics across North America.

As restrictions ease, we want you to know we are here for you and will do whatever it takes to help America reopen safely!

Raw Materials

With Polycarbonate and Acrylic in such high demand, Egan Sign has purchased hundreds of large sheets to ensure our customers can have the barriers and sneeze guards they need to open their business safely.


Our systems and processes are built to allow us to function fully in a remote fashion and several of our employees are remote under normal circumstances. We were fortunate that years ago the company made the investment to supply every employee with the same equipment they have at the office at their home. We support a healthy work-life balance and have always allowed employees to work remotely when needed.


Thankfully our manufacturing network has not reported any illnesses and took proactive measures early on. When possible, they are working one person per table, sanitizing, washing hands, practicing social distancing, routinely cleaning doorknobs/bathrooms, and frequent deep cleanings from professional disinfectant companies.

At this time, none of the +25 manufacturing facilities that we enlist across the country have been impacted, nor have we experienced delays with any of our manufacturing or installation partners.


In many cities across the country and in Canada, we are still getting permits approved. Due to skeleton crews and many cities working remotely for the first time, it has been taking a little longer for permit approvals. There are still some cities that are closed until restrictions are lifted. Many of the cities expect to be reopening in the next few weeks.

We will work with you to maneuver through these hurdles by doing things like releasing for manufacturing low-risk products prior to permitting, have banners manufactured as a worst-case scenario, and in some cases install without permits. Your project manager will explain the risks associated with any steps that we might take to best serve you.

Please keep in mind that this is a unique situation, and we can only assess risks based on the facts given at the time given and are subject to change.

What we ask of our customers

Challenge us to get the job done like we always have.

Please be open to creative ideas and solutions as we adapt to safely maneuver around hurdles and roadblocks to meet our clients’ needs.

Also, if you need anything to safely operate your business, give us a call. We will do anything we can to help you as our valued client.

Lastly, we made it through the 2008-2009 “near Depression” and emerged even stronger. We are thankful to be in the great position of being financially stable and prepared to make it through the Covid-19 pandemic. As we go through the rest of this trying time, we are grateful to have grown even closer relationships with our clients. With your support, we are committed to getting through this together and coming out stronger than ever.