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Amedisys Case Study

Egan Sign Helps Amedisys Juggle Sign Projects in Multiple Locations

The Challenge:

Amedisys, a leading home health care and hospice corporation, was having real issues managing a consistent signage program for its growing number of locations. “We were getting a lot of inconsistencies in sign management and installation across the country,” said Jamal McCann, Senior Procurement Specialist for Amedisys. “We wanted to consolidate our sign management efforts to one company to help us manage all our sign projects.”

Juggling multiple sign projects in multiple locations can be a challenge. McCann said, “I didn’t want to be a sign guy, I want to outsource that to a team I have full confidence in and know they are going to treat our signs and our logo as though they were their own.


Within months, Egan Sign completely cleared Amedisys’ backlog of projects, and created a program that is currently providing interior and exterior identity to all Amedisys locations throughout the U.S.


“We are thrilled with our decision to pick Egan Sign as our national vendor. Since day one , the level of service and the professionalism that we get from Bob and his team haven’t waned. We are saving an untold number of man hours and hassle by having Egan Sign provide our corporate identity. They are cost effective and fast. They also free up our project managers to work on other important aspects of their jobs. Egan has been a lifesaver!”

— Jamal McCann, Senior Procurement Specialist for Amedisys

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