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Canopy Systems

Liberty Gas Station - Canopy System

You may have noticed more canopy systems popping up around town. You may have also noticed that they are looking sharper using features like stone veneers and LED lighting. Find out why more businesses are choosing to add canopies to their property.

Canopy Systems Offer Protection

RaceTrac - Canopy System with LED Lights

Canopies are a great way to show that you care – not just for your customers but also your employees. The cover provides protection for workers as they assist customers day in and day out. That protection might not seem important to some, but to the employee standing all day under the sun, it can mean staying or finding a job with better conditions. Happy employees are loyal employees.

In addition, canopies increase everyone’s safety. The coverage they provide reduces the dangers of slipping and falling on wet pavement. Secondly, canopies provide light which improves overall visibility and prevents danger that could be lurking in the dark.

Canopies Provide More Space to Advertise

Canopies can also be used to promote your brand. Something as obvious as adding a logo or calling out your product and service can really draw in traffic. Another way of showing off your brand is using your brand colors. This helps extend your environmental branding which creates a stronger customer experience.

EnMarket Canopy & Channel Letter Logo

Canopies Make Your Business Look Good

In addition to protecting and promoting your brand, canopies can make your property look really good. They can set you apart from the competition and make you stand out from surrounding businesses.

Many companies are focusing on environmental branding when designing their canopies to add to their customer experience. Some are adding stone veneers to their columns to elevate their look while others are using canopies as a distinct architectural feature. No matter what, canopy systems can be designed to fit your style.

In conclusion, whether you want to draw in traffic or create a better work environment, canopy systems can be an excellent choice.

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