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Awnings are an eye-catching extension of your business that ultimately leads to increased foot traffic and sales. Consider updating the look of your storefront with a commercial awning to enjoy these great perks.


Commercial awnings make outdoor spaces more comfortable for customers and employees by blocking the sun and rain. They are becoming even more important in today’s environment where keeping distance is paramount.

Restaurants are known to utilize outdoor space, but even retailers can use sidewalks to their advantage. Clothing racks and tables can be moved outside to create more room while keeping merchandise and customers protected. Awnings can also protect customers waiting in line to enter. In general, businesses need more space and awnings are a way to provide it.


Awnings are a great way to capture attention and drive business to your door. They can separate you from surrounding businesses making you easier to find. Moreover, they increase brand awareness by advertising to every passerby 24 hours a day.


Protection is one of the main reasons to have an awning. Beyond shelter from the weather, awnings help decrease the amount of rain and snow people track into your business. They create a protected space outside where people can fumble with wet umbrellas or brush snow off coats. Secondly, awnings also shield furniture and products near windows from UV damage. As you can see, awnings protect what’s outside and inside.


All of the warmth and sunshine that awnings block can actually translate into savings for your business during the warm weather. Businesses that have awnings spend less on air conditioning because awnings help keep the building cool. If your awning is retractable, you could close it during the winter months to get the warming effect of the sun when it best supports your budget.


Businesses are becoming innovative to survive this new-Covid world. In order to get through winter, many retailers and restaurants are looking outdoors for a solution. Awning accessories can be the answer to keeping customers comfortable yet distanced. For example, curtains or flat panels can be added to existing awnings to create a vestibule providing further protection from wind and rain. Additionally, heaters can be installed under awnings to warm customers standing in line. A combination of both could a winning option for restaurants.